Meet the ZEBRAS!

Hey guys! We are Paolo and Maiko, an American guy living in Tokyo for half his life and a Japanese girl who lived in the U.S. for half of her life. We'll be rolling thru Tokyo and hope our tips and advice are helpful to you all! 

Plan Your Tokyo Vacation

You're planing to visit Tokyo but not really sure what to do and where to go? We will show you everything that Tokyo has to offer from trendy restaurants/bars and crazily cool technologies to traditional temples and 'shitamachi' locality. 

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You'll find our latest adventures here.  Let me know what you think by leaving a comment on the video.  Talk to you soon.


tour guide tokyo zebra

First of all, thank you for watching my videos.  I often get requests to do private guided tours of Tokyo and although it would be AWESOME to meet EVERYONE, unfortunately I don't have time these days to do Private Tours while also creating video content for the channel.   

If you’re here, you’re probably looking for someone who KNOWS TOKYO, so I’d like to offer a Personalized Tour of Tokyo via my friend Nori, a Professional Japanese TOKYO TOUR GUIDE.  Nori speaks English and really knows Tokyo including the places I've gone to in my videos like street food tours at Tsukiji Market or the secret hidden back streets spots like Sunamachi.   He can even take you out to unique restaurants or bars if you're into that.  Just tell him what you want to do, your likes/dislikes, or if you are VEGAN and he can customize a plan just for YOU.  Nori has experience working at 5-Star Tokyo Hotels so he understands customer service better than anyone.

More details in the link below.