About Tokyo Zebra 

Tokyo Zebra is a video infotainment blog bringing people and places to you. We want to show you a fun, distinct and sometimes crazy experience in Japan as well as outside of Japan.  We want to share our eyes with you and give you perspective that is truly our own.

Hope you'll enjoy it, and let us know if you want to know about something here in Tokyo. We're open to check out new stuff for ya!

Meet the Zebras

paolo deguzman

He's the Curious Zebra - Paolo. Paolo is a videographer, an entrepreneur and a founder of Paolo fromTOKYO. He's a Filipino American, California&Seattle native, who moved to Tokyo 15+ years ago and fell in love with the city. He's so optimistic that it sometimes gets on Maiko's nerves. His favorite colors are light blue and pink. He's into Tokyo, Drones, Tech, and DIYs.  He tries to make every day count, so his Youtube channel focuses on the stuff he loves. 

maiko inagaki

She's the Control Zebra - Maiko. Maiko is a film editor, a writer, an illustrator, and a fashion consultant. She's a straight up Japanese gal who spent a big part of her life in California. After a busy corporate career in the fashion industry, she's now pursuing her creativity life. Some people think she's a control freak but all she likes is having things in order! Her favorite color is red and yellow. She writes about food and drinks, fashion, and trendy spots that only locals know about.



Content Creation

Need to portray a fresh perspective of your brand/company to the world? Interested in sharing a more personal side of your destination? Or looking for interesting content from Tokyo that no one else can offer but us? As a Tokyo-based videographer/photographer personality, I communicate your brand as a great experience.