This is a DJI Mavic Pro Beginner's Tutorial.  I recommend watching this video before you fly your Mavic.  It has helpful information that I wish I knew before I tried to fly the Mavic.  I included my 20 top tips to know before flying the DJI Mavic Pro.  Feel free to skip to the relative topic as I've listed the timestamps below for each tip.  If you liked this video, please hit that Like button and share this video.  

1. Powering On the Mavic and Controller
2. Charge the Mavic Battery before use
3. Attaching USB connector to the phone
4. Upgrading to 64GB SD Card
5. Update Firmware
6. Calibration Tips
7. How to attach Propellers
8. Configuring RC Mode on the Drone
9. Configuring P-Mode (Positioning mode) on the Controller
10. Don’t fly with gimbal cover
11. How to remove and re-attach gimbal clip
12. Start in Beginner Mode (limits speed and filming modes but is safer when you first learning how to fly)
13. When taking off, wait for GPS mode to update.  This will allow for an accurate Return To Home in case of issue like a disconnect. This may take a few seconds for the GPS to sync.
14. Take Off with software + Hand-Release
15. Landing with software + Hand-Catch
16. Return to Home Accuracy - Take off to 10 Meters High to set accurate RTH
17. Camera Scrolling Up and Down
18. Buy 3 batteries with Advanced Hub
19. Label Batteries to ensure batteries are used equally
20. Don’t need to buy DJI Carrying case.  Save some money and use a camera bag or something you may have.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you get any questions.


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