To note, there are different railway companies that offers different types of passes, so you should probably plan where you want to go before you decide which ticket to purchase. If you are moving around a lot in one day and not sure what your plan is, get TOKYO 1-DAY TICKET which pretty much covers major lines. 

These 4 are the most convenient passes.


JR PASS is like a golden ticket. JR bullet train, shinkansen is probably the easiest way to get outside of Tokyo, but IT'S FREAKING EXPENSIVE. For example, Round-trip from Tokyo to Osaka is ¥27,240 and the cheapest pass (valid for 7days) is ¥29,111. See how valuable it is? This great deal is offered only to foreign passport holders, and you should definitely take this advantage to explore. 



For my experience, Tokyo Shuttle bus is the cheapest way to get around. It's only ¥900 one-way with a reservation, ¥1,000 without a reservation. But it only runs between Yaesu exit of Tokyo station, so all you need to do is to take a train from your hotel. 

Besides that, there are many good deals you can choose from!

Haneda Airport

Haneda Airport is a lot closer to the city, so transportation cost is less when you compare to Narita Airport.