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Odaiba is quite a newly developed city that is filled with shopping malls and family-friendly amusement facilities.  Since it is a waterfront area, there are many outdoor actives and events as well.  It sure is a popular tourist spot but for locals, Odaiba is like a date spot and also group gathering spot.  This place offers various activities for all ages. 

Odaiba is a bit far from west side of Tokyo and such a big area. We recommend to take one full day or more if you want to check out the whole area. (It took us 2 days to film everything in the '10 things to do in Odaiba' list and we didn't even spend time on each spot.)

Station Into


There are only 2 train lines to get around Odaiba. It's straight forward but limits the convenience. 

jr rinkai lineodaiba

1. Yurikamome

Yurikamome line runs from Hamamatsucho Station to Toyosu Station, so if you are coming from central Tokyo, you need to get to Hamamatsucho first to get on Yurikamome. 


2. JR Rinkai line**

**JR Rinkai line is useful when you are coming from Ikebukuro, Shinjuku or Shibuya.  JR Saikyo line sometimes has direct operation  


If you are coming from Shinagawa, you can take 'Odaiba Rainbnow Bus'. You can find the bus stop in frond of Atre Shinagawa which is on the Konan(港南口) Exit side. 


Did you know you can take a water bus from Asakusa to Odaiba?  Not only you can transfer to the next location, but also enjoy the view and feel the sea breeze!  Check out TOKYO CRUISE for more details!

10 Things to Do in Odaiba


In front of a shopping mall, DiverCity Tokyo, you will easily find Unicorn Gundam.  It used to be the original Gundam but now it is replaced with this guy. You can see its transformation at 11:00, 13:00, 15:00 and 17:00.  They also have Night Perormance as well. 

10 things to do in odaiba


Ooedo Onsen Monogatari is one of the largest onsen theme parks in Japan. It's a bit hard to find a good Onsen without getting out of Tokyo, so this may be your solution!

At Ooedo Onsen, you can enjoy various kind of hot spring water and different bath, restaurants, massages and relaxing room.  If you really like this place, it may be a good idea to use their hotel as well. 

Note: You can't get in if you have tattoo.

10 things to do in Odaiba ooedo onsen


Odaiba is known to have multiple giant shopping malls like below. 

  • Divercity - Most designated for tourists since it has many unique Japanese shops  
  • Aquacity - has the best restaurant selection (I think) 
  • Decks -beachy shops and cool facilities
  • Venus Fort - has outlet shop
10 things to do in odaiba


Find your favorite bowl of ramen at Ramen Kokugikan on the 5F of Aquacity. There are 6 popular ramen shops came from different area of Japan. 

10 things to do in odaiba by paolo de guzman


As I mentioned above, taking water bus is not just for transfer, but also to enjoy the view from the water! 

10 things to do in odaiba
Round 1

Round 1



7. ODAIBA FUJI Television

Odaiba is a great spot to check out the view of Tokyo.  I actually like the view from here than from Observatory at Roppongi and Shinjuku. It's 300 yen to get up to the Cube and on the base floors, there are always events related to TV programs. If you are anime fan, it's pretty fun here.  

fuji tv odaiba
fuji tv odaiba


Did you know there is a beach in Odaiba? You can swim, puddle surf, and picnic!  

odaiba beach park things to do

9. MEGAWEB Toyota City Showcase

Many people underestimate MegaWeb but it has so much thing to see and do!  Besides the newest Toyota car showcase, kids can drive e-cars and others can try their 3-D attractions!

10 things to do in odaiba megaweb
10 things to do in odaiba


Hibiki is in the beach side of Aquacity.  Yes, this is your favorite Whiskey, Hibiki restaurant.  

10 thing to do in odaiba hibiki

Odaiba Hotels

Near Odaiba, there aren't that many hotels so if you don't like any of this but still want to stay near by Odaiba area, I recommend to stay in a station that has a good access to Odaiba like Shinagawa area. So here are where I would stay.

1. Hotel Trusty Tokyo Bay

Recommended if you prioritize: access to Yurikamome line, view from the room and breakfast

The lowest room rate for 2 guests ranges from 150 - 200 USD

This hotel is just 5 minutes away from Yurikamome Kokusai Tenjijo Station.  If you have a bad knee to walk or something you can ask for hotel pick-up shuttle too!

The room size is not the biggest but very clean and fairly new and well designed.  It's supposed to be a 3 star hotel but I consider Hotel Trusty as a nice business hotel for its small room size.  If you are staying here, make sure to get the breakfast set because it's amazing! 

2. Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

Recommended if you prioritize: access to Daiba Station and DiverCity, Aquacity and Decks and the gym

The lowest room rate for 2 guests ranges from 190 - 400 USD 

If you can spend a little more than $200 and your main purpose is to do shopping and sightseeing, I would stay here because it's in the perfect location.  It's directly connected to Odaiba Station which makes so easy to get out of Odaiba, and walking distance from DiverCity, Aquacity and Decks. 

Room (and bathroom) is big and clean. Interior design is kind of old but it's not bad. 

The hotel has member's only gym Le Club inside and hotel guests have access to use.  I usually don't expect hotel gyms to be that big even if it was a 5 star hotel, but their gym is quite big and I love it.

It is a 5 star hotel but if you book early enough, you can find cheap rate! Don't miss it! 

3. Hilton Tokyo Odaiba

Recommended if you prioritize: access to Daiba Station and DiverCity, Aquacity and Decks and the view

The lowest room rate for 2 guests ranges from 320 - 390 USD 

Hilton Tokyo Odaiba is on the beach side across street from Aquacity so THE VIEW IS AWESOME! I really love the night view from the hotel. The access to the shopping malls is as good as it is for Nikko.

The highlight of this hotel is definitely the Spa which offers this jet bath outside overlooking the Tokyo Bay. It's not free to get in but it's worth using it. (The fitness center is free.)