Nightlife, Luxury Shopping, and Lots of Museums



Roppongi is for sure the #1 foreign friendly city in Tokyo. Since Roppongi and its neighbor city like Azabu and Akasaka are home to many foreign embassies, bars, restaurants and night clubs are very friendly to English speakers.  People might say Roppongi is all about Nightlife but there are amazing museums, luxury shopping and more!  

10 Things to Do in Roppongi

1. Sweets

Believe it or not, Roppongi offers many top notch sweets. Here are my favorites:

Mango Deluxe Shaved Ice at Yelo

Mango Deluxe Shaved Ice at Yelo

2. Roppongi Hills Observatory

The 360 degree view from Roppongi Hills Observatory is A LOT better than Shinjuku Metropolitan Government Building that I included in 10 Things to Do in Shinjuku. There is an entrance fee but I think it's worth it.  

3. Enjoy the Best Udon at tsurotontan

Tsurutontan is definitely our favorite udon restaurant for their menu variation, the consistency in quality, atomosphere and the best customer service.  It's not a cheapest place but not that expensive for its quality. 

things to do in roppongi

4. Shopping - Roppongi Hills / Midtown / Donki

When you shop in Roppongi, make sure to bring your bank.  Roppongi Hills and Tokyo Midtown are high-end, luxury shopping center and you won't find many of those shops you see in Shibuya and Shinjuku. If you are into high brand, this is where you will love (or Ginza). Also there is a discounted shop, Don Quijote for you to pick up some souvenirs at a reasonable price.

5. Museum - The National Art Center / Mori Museum

Roppong is not just about nightlife. Museum hopping could be a way to spend your day.  Mori Museum tends to cover trendy and fun topics, and The National Art Center have traditional stuff. You also might like Snoopy Museum and other places.

things to do in roppongi

6. IZUMO Shrine

Izumotaisha, also known as Izumo Shrine is a brand of a well-known shrine in Hiroshima.  It's a tiny shrine but isn't it nice to cleanse your body and soul before hitting Roppongi Party scene?

7. Hinoki Park

Hinoki Park is located just behind Tokyo Midtown.  This city oasis is just so relaxing.

8. Hit the Hottest Bars

There are countless bars in Roppongi but here are my favorites:

  • The Public 6 - A casual pub 
  • Tusk - A western-style bar, great access from Roppongi Hills
  • Jumanji 55 - Place to be wasted. Not the best atmosphere but has the best all-you-can-drink package
  • BrewDog - If you love beer, go there.
  • Rigoletto - A restaurant bar with great food. 

9. Cafe 8

Cafe 8 is a Japanese-Chinese restaurant that I love for the Beijing duck and fun interior. 

10 Clubs

Clubs in Roppongi are mostly Top40 pick up clubs.  If you are looking for EDM, check out Clubs in Shibuya

Here are my recommendation - 

things to do in roppongi
  • 1oak - A fun luxury club
  • Ele - A cozy club in Azabu Juban 
  • alife - Filled with young crowd
  • V2 - Good location, just across from Roppongi Don Quijote
  • Muse - It's a bit far from everywhere but good pick-up club


1. Candeo HOtels Tokyo Roppongi

Recommended if you prioritize: spa with the view of Tokyo Tower and the new facilities

The lowest room rate for 2: 140 - 220 USD

I would categorize Candeo Hotels in Luxury Business Hotel.  It's newly opened in October, 2017.  Everything is new and the service is great, but the highlight of Candeo Hotels is the sky spa with the view of Tokyo Tower! Isn't that great?  Candeo Hotels is located just 2 minutes away from Roppongi Station, and very close to clubbing area. 

2. Remm Roppongi

Recommended if you prioritize: access to Roppongi Station and massage chair

The lowest room rate for 2: 160 - 200 USD


Remm hotel does the great job to create the relaxing environment to make you sleepy!  Every room has a massage chair, clean modern style room, perfect bed invented with Japan Bed Production company, and great amenities with nice scent.  The hotel is located just one minutes walk from Roppongi Station.  

3. First Cabin Nishiazabu

Recommended if you prioritize: Single and Simple stay

The lowest room rate for 1: 60 USD~

First Cabin is an airplane themed capsule hotel.  If you want to do something different and traveling by yourself, this may be your choice.  You get this futuristic cell to spend a night or just rest for a few hours.  (They charge by hours during the day.)  It is located in Nishiazabu so it is a bit of a walk to Roppongi station area.