【ODAIBA】Skateboading Spot!!

I love my Leiftech board, but It's really hard to find a good spot to cruise around in Tokyo. 


In this blog, I'd like to show you where you can enjoy skateboarding without being yelled at by cops.

1. West Promenade

2. Mizunohiroba Koen

1. West Promenade by DiverCiry Odaiba 

Check out its location on the map. It's right by Gundam statuenext to DiverCity. You can skateboard all you want in a big open space without crowds. We went on the weekend but there were only a few groups there. The ground is brick but pretty smooth and slightly tilted. It's perfect to practice trick on long boards.

That's Maiko dancing on her long board.

That's Maiko dancing on her long board.

HOW TO GET THERE: Get off at Tokyo Teleport Station on Rinkai Line. When you go out side of the station, take a left towards to DiverCity. After you pass DiverCity on the right, keep on going straight and you will find this spot. 

Me in front of the station

Me in front of the station

2. Park (Mizunohiroba Koen) in Odaiba

 The park is located right next to the ocean. It has several narrow paths going across each other. Ground is smooth and the path goes along forever, so it's perfect for Leiftech rider like me!

There are many teen couples hanging out on the lowest path next to the ocean, but it shouldn't bother you as long as you're on the top path. 

Great ocean view at the park

Great ocean view at the park


1. Get off at Tokyo Teleport Station and after you get outside, go straight through VenusFort. You will hit the park after you cross a big street.

2. Get off at Aomi Station on Yurikamome Line and take South Exit and you are there! If you take north exit, you will end up in VenusFort but you can easily go back. 

tokyo zebra

Both parks were great. They would definitely be my staple cruising spot. 

If you got a skateboard in Tokyo, you should definitely check them out!


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