After Paolo and I had a wonderful time at COAST Boracay Island, we moved to HENNAN GARDEN RESORT HOTEL which is only 5-minute walk from COAST. 

While we stayed at HENANN, we went to the other side of the island and WE LOVED IT. Check out on our video.

Anyway, HENANN was also a great hotel and we wanted to recommend to you guys. Here is our review.


The room is definitely the top highlight of our stay because it was SUPER SPACIOUS! We got a basic room with pool access which include a double bed and a single bed.  On top of that, it had a sofa area and a long table along the wall which we turned it into an office zone. 

henann resort
henann resort


Bathroom was spacious too. It was almost as big as one of my old apartments in Tokyo! It had a BIG BATH TAB with a shower head and was very WELL CLEANED. One thing to point out though... it was very hard to adjust the water temperature in a shower. It was either HOT or BURNING HOT but you will figure it out at the end. 

henan boracay


Front desk was very helpful. No language barrier at all. Though I had a better impression at COAST, let's say COAST's customer sevice was too good like they were having a happy smile campaign every day. It is NOT BAD here at all. 

During our stay, ROOM SERVICE OFTEN STOPPED BY to offer water bottles and room cleaning. We loved it especially water offers because it is a bit trouble to buy a bunch of water and bring it back to the room. Also, staff was always NICE and FRIENDLY.  On the first day, they gave us a WELCOME FRUITS PACKAGE

henann garden hotel


I would say this hotel has more of FAMILY VIBE. I think because they offer big rooms.  I thought it was going to bother us having kids everywhere but NOT AT ALL! They had 4 pool (as I saw) and you can simply choose the adult pool. We had a PLEASANT RELAXING TIME next family pool. (The pool in a picture below is the shallow pool for families.) I can recommend to both families and couples.

One more thing to point out is that a majority of residences here were KOREAN.  We figured out that the hotel group was owned by Korean and it all made sense.  As far as I know, Japanese and Korean have similar understandings in public manner, so we were VERY COMFORTABLE in this environment.

henann boracay


It is not right next to the beach but the hotel has a DIRECT PATHWAY CONNECTING TO THE BEACH.  The pathway is all the way back of the hotel where our room was.  I wish we knew about this convenient access from the beginning.  Anyway, all the restaurants and small convenience stores are on the beach street so you won't have a hard time finding things in the area.


Well, hope our review was helpful.  Let us know if you have any questions about the hotel or the area.  We are happy to help.

- Maiko