Top 10 Travel Tips for Riding the Bus in the Philippines

Maiko and I travel by Partas Bus Liner from Pasay Manila to La Union.  You'll see firsthand what to expect on the trip.  I also share 10 tips that should make for an easier and comfortable bus trip.

Top 10 Travel Tips for Riding the Bus in the Philippines

1. There are 2 major Bus terminals from Manila,  Pasay and Cubao. Depending on where you originate, you will need to decide.

2. When you get to the bus terminal, they’ll issue you a ticket with a number on it, this ticket places you in line to buy a ticket.  The wait can be 5 minutes or 5 hours. 

3.Generally, daytime is a lot busier than at night time.   We waited 3-4 hours to get on the bus during the day, but previously when we took a night bus we were able to get on the bus right away.  

4. There are 2 types of busses.  Regular bus and Deluxe bus.  If you can get on a Deluxe bus, I highly recommend the upgrade.  

5. Tell them where you are getting off.  This way they can order your luggage and stop at the correct location.

6. Snack vendors get on the bus all the time trying to sell you their goods. Be mindful of your stuff at all times.

7. Not many pee breaks, we only stopped once in our 5+ hour journey. 

8. When you do use the bathroom, you’ll need to pay a few pesos.  Keep some change on you.

9. You might not like the food, so we actually packed sandwiches. 

10. The bus temperature is super cold.  Remember to bring a sweatshirt, some long pants and maybe even a blanket.