SURF Paradise - KAHUNA Resort and Spa San Juan Philippines

I heard about how cool Kahuna Hotel is from Paolo's family and finally we got to stay there this spring. 

Kahuna Hotel is located in San Juan, Philippines.  It is known as surf city.  The hotel has an international vibe and you almost don't feel like you are in the Philippines.  My experience was awesome and I truly recommend this place if you are into surfing.


Before check-in. we went thru this BEAUTIFUL tropical jungle.  A comforting welcome to our stay.  Check in was easy breezy. The reception was very friendly. No language or communication problem at all.

hotel review philippine

Inside of the hotel, there is a little shop.  If you forget to bring sunscreen or flip flaps, you can get it there.  

I wish they had a gym there but I guess if you surf you don't need extra work out. 

hotel review
hotel review


We originally booked a Garden View Room but luckily Pool View was available so we paid a little extra to upgrade.  IT WAS TOTALLY WORTH IT!  I love sipping cocktail on sunset and this room let you have it in your room.

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hotel review
hotel review


Restaurant and Bar

Kahuna Burger

Kahuna Burger

Complimentary Breakfast

Complimentary Breakfast

It is kind of hard to find restaurants around that area so you will end up eating at the hotel but I will promise you that you will be satisfied with the restaurant.  In fact, the food there is SUPER GOOD!  The burger was great and we just kept on having the same burger for lunch.  Their variety menu will not bore your stomach even if you decide to stay for a long time.  

If you get bored during a meal, you can play pool!  How cool is that?

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Also what surprised us was that the price on restaurant menu is the same as room service.  We like ordering drinks inside of our room at hotels so it was very attractive to us!

Swimming Pool 

The pool overlooks the ocean, has a basketball hoop and it’s is perfect for watching the sun go down.  

hotel review

You should definitely check out especially if you are a surfer!


Kahuna Beach Resort and Spa