Tsukemen Tetsu in SHIBUYA Never Let Anyone Down!

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I've been hearing good stuff about Tsukemen Tetsu and I finally got to try it yesterday. And yes, everyone was right - it WAS good.

So, I'd like to share with you guys my experience at Tetsu!

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So their top menu is 'TSUKEMEN' which is a dipping style ramen with cold noodles. (They do havre a regular ramen too.) You can choose between cold noodles or hot noodles. I asked the staff which one's better and he recommended cold which brings up the flavor of wheat. 

What I love about their tsukemen is their soup. When I first had my first sip, it was so complex that I couldn't tell what broth they use. First, you'll taste the rich fish broth and light but flavorful chicken broth at the same time, and then a hint of creaminess from pork bone kicks in. Everyone has preferance in taste like `I love heavy ramen.' or `I like fish broth with lots of fish powder in it.' or something like that. Since Tetsu's soup is a mixture of everything and stands just in the middle of soup type chart, everyone's just liking it. And so as I! 

I ordered the spicy tsukemen but it wasn't spicy. What they add is I think chili & garlic flakes, so it adds spicy 'flavors' which was so tasty. 

The volume of toppings is very satisfying too. You get 2 slices of soft and juicy meat on the side and 1 slice in the soup, 1 marinated egg, and lots and lots of bamboo shoots. I love bamboo shoots so I was so happy with this! 

shibuya ramen


They got basic spice like salt and paper, vinegar and fried onions. Nothing special. But their 'hot stone' idea solves everyone's problem. You know when soup always gets cold towards to the end? If you ask a staff, they will bring a hot stone with a spoon and you just dump it in your bowl to heat up the cold soup. How cool is that!

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shibuya ramen


Tsukemen Tetsu is surprisingly spacious. Once you get in from a small entrance, you'll see 2 tables and loooooong counter. Nice and clean. Staffs are very friendly and nice too. 

shibuya ramen

I hope you get to visit Tsukemen Tetsu in the future. You'll never regret.


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