TOP 5 Bars in Roppongi

When you visit a foreign country where you know nobody, don't you want to hit a bar and spice up your trip? 

Roppongi is well known as the night life district among foreigners and international minded Japanese, offering various options of restaurants, bars, and night clubs. 

In this blog, I will introduce you guys my favorite bars in Roppongi.

1. Rigoletto Bars and Grill
2. Awabar
3. R2 Supper Club
4. A971
5. Agave

Rigoletto is located in West Walk of Roppongi Hills. This place is so popular that it gets too packed on Fridays and Saturdays. Crowds are usually over 30, many work in Roppongi Hills and lots of foreigners. There is NO DRESS CODE but since guys comes after work, most guys are wearing suits.

This place has a bar (standing) area and table area, so if you want to just chat with your friends, you should probably get the table or someone will bother you.

Food is great too, their tasty finger food is offered from ¥300 which is VERY REASONABLE for Roppongi area. I'm assuming that its price point is one of the reasons many people love this place.  

2. Awabar

This is one of my favorite bar in Roppongi because it is specialized in 'awa' which represents bubbles - Yes, anything bubbly. Awabar is not like one of those Japanese dark classy bars. It'S got a friendly warm atmosphere that welcomes anybody.

It is a small standing bar and crowd is mixed not too young not too old. 

They do have food but I would say eat before or after you go there. Only bar food won't fill your stomach.

3. R2 Supper Club

R2 is not a cheap place, but thanks to that you don't see any junkies there. Compared to Awabar and Rigoletto, R2 is a bit more classy. Week days and early hours of weekends are quite relaxing, so I recommend this place for couples too.

Most of the stuff speak English so you don't need to worry about ordering.

4. A971

I must say that... A971 is ALWAYS PACKED WITH COOL PEOPLE! If you hate crowded place I don't recommend it but for sure you will meet someone.

I also like its accessible price and location. (well as a girl you never need to pay but WHEN you need to pay it's nice.) A971 is located at the entrance of Midtown, 1F is a casual bar where everything happens and 2F is a elegant yet trendy restaurant. They have happy hour EVERYDAY from 4PM to 8PM.

Very international crowd, easy to socialize. How can I hate this place.

You don't need to worry in case of munchies here. They have lots of finger food around ¥400. Pretty reasonable and A LOT BETTER THAN BAR FOOD.


You have already guess from its name but it is a Tequila bar. Its casual open vibe invites good people from all over the world. If you're a Tequila type of person, this is your place - they got more than 400 kinds of tequilas. Don't forget to enjoy their Mexican food to go with your shots.


Alrighty! I hope you can visit them when you are here in Tokyo.