$125 Exclusive Uni Experience in a Sushi Restaurant in Ginza, Tokyo

銀座 ウニ

Do you like Sea Urchin, AKA Uni?  Well, I do and I can never get enough of that delight of shiny yellow thing.  However, uni is not really a thing you order more than 1 or 2 because it is not the cheapest on the menu at sushi restaurant, right?

The other day, I finally got a table at "Uni Matsuri" (Sea Urchin Event) at Sushi Saisho in Ginza, Tokyo.  It's a dream night for Uni Lovers.  This event is held irregularly and get all booked up after less than an hour of its announcement so it's hard to get a table. 

I would like to walk through how to book the event and how fun and tasty their course was!


So this is how you book a table.

  1. Find the even announcement on the restaurant's facebook page

  2. Message on thread of the announcement

  3. They will reply and confirm the booking

As I mentioned earlier, it gets booked up really quickly so I recommend to follow their facebook and turn the notification on. 

People will be seated from the back of counter seats so you can't specify where you want to sit. 

Restaurant's facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/sushi.saisho/



There is only one course: Assorted Sashimi and 17 Sushi with all you can drink for 13,800 yen. The course went like this...

  • 3 kinds of Sashimi

  • 10 Uni Gunkan

  • 3 Sushi Nigiri

  • 3 more Uni Gunkan

  • 1 Uniku

* Price and the food may vary time to time.

As you can see, it's all about UNI! I love Uni so It was such an satisfying night.  Also, this is a great value for a sushi restaurant in Ginza, which is a location known for luxury sushi restaurants. Drinks served here are good quality as well.




When everyone gets a drink, the night officially starts.  Firstly, an assorted sashimi was served on the stone counter. 

Yellowtail, Bonito and Firefly Squid.

Yellow tail we had was 'Urarabri' from Mie prefecture.  Bonito flown on the air from Kagoshima prefecture and firefly squid is from Toyama prefecture and is right in season.

Everything was fresh and tasteful. Especially, firefly squid pop in my mouth with full of flavor! 

寿司 ウニ祭り

AND UNI!!!!!!  Look at this picture 10 pieces X 14 people. This is a lot of uni.  Uni is 'Bafun Uni' from Hokkaido.  Slightly hard rice went perfect with melting silky sea urchin


寿司さいしょ うにく
うに 寿司

After enjoying 10 pieces of Uni, 3 Nigiri Sushi were served.

Aoyagi, Tuna and Torigai Shellfish. 





Everything was perfect but I really liked Torigai Shellfish.  Chef Saisho explained to us that Torigai usually get out in the market 'broiled' and is very rare to find fresh rare torigai.  What we had was from Aichi and it was extremely fresh and had a great chewy texture.

And 3 more Uni Gunkan!

I usually don't eat much, like 8 pieces of Nigiri with a little bit of side dishes fill me up, so I was already full.  On the other hand, Paolo seems to be able to eat more and was staring at my uni so I gave it to him. 

うにく 寿司さいしょ

The finale is of course this premium piece of UNIKU. It's beautifully golden. 

A slight of wagyu with elegant shimofuri was used as a wrapper and cooked pretty well with a burner.  It was finished up with a truffle oil and truffle salt from German brand, Dallmayr.  As soon as the the chef started the final touch, the room was filled with the beautiful Truffle sent! 

Although everything was amazing, I can say that Uniku was the best out of all.