My SECRET MONJA Restaurant in Asakusa | Tokyo Beginner's Guide

Asakusa is one of the well-known tourist spots and if you don't go into side streets, you're stuck in tourist traps. 

Almost 4 years ago, one of my close friends who was born and raised in Asakusa took me to DAIKICHI. Since then, I became a regular at this restaurant.

Only for you guys, I will tell you my secret spot!


DAIKICHI is a casual Monja/Okonomiyaki house that are loved by locals.  It's 3 minutes walk from Senso-ji and Kaminari mon area.  They have variety of menus other than monja and okonomiyaki, like all kinds of seafood, veggies and other fun stuff to cook on the skillet on each table.  Price is very friendly too!  Monja starts from ¥400 (US$3.59). Alcohol drinks are quite reasonable too so if you are a big drinker, you can have fun not worrying about the bill.


monja asakusa

Their Monja is seasoned with bonito broth based worcestershire sauce, which is easy for anyone to first try!  All monja menu has dried shrimps, cut squids and bits of fried tempura butter.  My favorite menu is Nori(seaweed) Monja (¥1180) which 3 different kind of seaweed make it so flavorful.  (The monja bowl I am cooking in the video or pictures below is Nori Monja.)  If you are into seasoned cod roe, I recommend Mentai(cod roe) Special Monja (¥1180). It has one whole mentaiko(cod roe), cheese, rice cake, and lots of veggies. Right before you eat it, you add chopped Japanese basil for topping. Yummy!

Unfortunately, they don't have English menu.  If google translate doesn't help you get to the menu you want to try, I recommend below for you to try (other than 2 kinds of Monja I mentioned above.

Monja to Try

(All include dried shrimps, cut squids and bits of fried tempura butter)

  • 大吉もんじゃ/Daikichi Monja (¥473) - Additional toppings of seaweed, green onions and red pickled ginger.
  • 明太もちチーズもんじゃ/Mentai Mochi Cheese Monja (¥631) - Additional toppings of cod roe, rice cake, cheese, very popular menu.
  • 海鮮系もんじゃ/ Kaisen Monja (¥750) - Additional toppings of squid, small shrimps, small scallops, clams. 
  • 豚キムチチーズもんじゃ/Buta Kimchee Cheese Monja (¥600) - Additional toppings of pork belly, kimchee, cheese.
Mentai Mochi Cheese Monja

Mentai Mochi Cheese Monja

We added NATTO to Daikichi Monja

We added NATTO to Daikichi Monja

Okonomiyaki to Try

All okonomiyaki include eggs, dried shrimps, red picked ginger and bits of fried tempura butter

  • 大吉天/Daikichi Ten (¥500) - Additional toppings of seaweed, green onion and red pickled ginger.
  • ねぎ天/Negi Ten ( ¥472) - Additional toppings of green onion.
  • 豚玉天/Butatama Ten ( ¥525) - Additional toppings of pork belly.

Side Dishes to Try

  • ホタテバター/Scallop Butter (¥580) - Scallop ( you need to cook it on the skillet)
  • えのきバター/Enoki Mushroom Butter (¥430) - Enoki mushroom ( you need to cook it on the skillet)
  • 大吉サラダ/Daikichi Salad (¥390) - simple salad with Japanese black sesame dressing. Very popular.


1. Dump everything but soup and cook.  When it's soft, chop it up with 2 big spatulas.

monja tokyo

2. Make a donut and pour the soup.

asakusa tokyo

Don't worry if you mess it up like this in the picture. Use the big spatula to bring back the soup to the donut.


3. When the soup is warmed up, mix well and spread it out. Now eat it with small Japanese spatula.

浅草 東京

It's not that hard, right? Important thing is you enjoy cooking with your friends and family.  Even though you mess it up, it will taste the same anyways!


I hope you guys get a chance to try my favorite place!