Top 10 Japanese Chocolate Bars 2018 SUMMER

Hello, Chocolate lovers!

Different flavors and new chocolate bars come out every season in Japan and there are so many delicious new products came out this summer!  We decided to take our time to try them all to intorduce to you our favorites Japanese chocolate this season.  

Top 10 Japanese Chocolate Bars

#1 Meiji The Chocolate

The Chocolate is one of the popular chocolate bars at the moment. Very trendy. It has 54% to 70% cacao and in different flavors.  It's bean-to-bar so it gives a premium chocolate feeling. 

On the back side of the box, it has the chart to find out which one fits your liking.

Clockwise from the top of the chart: Floral flavor, Fruity, Bitter, Sweet, Milky, Sour, Nutty

Clockwise from the top of the chart: Floral flavor, Fruity, Bitter, Sweet, Milky, Sour, Nutty

GABA might be an interesting one.  GABA is supposed to relieve your stress from clerical work.  Gaba is actually the name of component helps with balancing your mental condition. 

Trend of Japanese chocolate now is to infuse with healthy or medical ingredients and this is one of them.  To be honest, some are good and some are... questionable but this one actually taste nice and milky. 

I'm not really sure it helped to relieve my stress but I guess it is worth the try!

#3 Lotte Nyusankin (Lactic Acid) Shokora

japanese chocolate sweet days lotte

Nyusankin Shokora is also another trendy one which is infused with Lactic Acid.  It is supposed to improve your stomach condition. It sounds interesting, right?

Not only it actually taste good, but it is good for your body!

#4 Glico Pocky Double White Choco & White peach

japanese chocolate pocky

I have seen many strawberry flavored Pocky but Peach is rare. Why the name has DOUBLE is because it is double dipped chocolate. It has a thick chocolate layer that everyone would love! 

#5 Bourbon Daizu Choco Kuromitsu Kinako

top 10 japanese chocolate bourbon

This is probably the healthiest chocolate among all in this list. Each ball has a crunchy soy bean coated by a Kinako powder. If you are looking for a guilt-free healthy chocolate, this is perfect for you.

#6 Lotte Crunky Caramel & Cereal

10 japanese chocolate crunky

Crunky is one of my favorite chocolate. It always comes out with new flavors and this is what they came out recently. It's Caramel and Cereals. Very crunchy and crispy. 

It's supposed to be hard to belt so nice for summer. 

#7 Bourbon Summer Truffle Salt Vanilla Flavor

top 10 japanese chocolate broubon

In summer in Japan, you see many SALTED sweets because you sweat a lot here. I love salted chocolate that I wish there are more throughout the year.  This Summer Truffle Salt Vanilla is a nice treat. 

#8 Meiji Galbo Tsubu Neri Strawberry

top 10 japanese chocolate galbo

Galbo is also another of my favorite chocolate series that always come out with cool flavors.  It looks like a pill kind of shape and chocolate biscuit inside. 

This one is a Tsubu Neri Strawberry flavor. Tsubu means bits, and Neri means kneading. You do taste the strawbebrry in outer coating with Tsubu texuture in it. 

#9 FUJIYA LOOK futatsu no Mint Tabekurabe

I love mint chocolate. Whats great about FUJIYA LOOK futatsu no Mint Tabekurabe is that 2 different kinds are in one package! 

The one on the left is Mint Ice Cream and on the left is Chocolate Mint Parfait. Mint Ice Cream is has a slight minty flavor with more creaminess. Mint Chocolate parfait is a lot stronger.  

You cannot miss this if you are mint lover.

#10 Lotte Wakan no Milk Chocolate

Can you believe chocolate can be tasty with Chinese medicine? 

This has 9 kinds of natural herbs like... 

Jujube, Citrus aurantium, Carthamus tinctorius, Ginger, Japanese Papermint, Licorice Chinese, Cannabis Seeds, Gardenia, Milettia reticulata

You do smell the herbs at the end when you are eating but it actually very smooth and creamy.