TOP 5 Cheap Izakaya Restaurant in Japan

When you are traveling to Tokyo or anywhere in Japan, you might look for a budget meal for at some point. 

There are many different kinds of izakaya chains (drinking dinner restaurants) that seem very cheap but you don't know for sure they are good.  To be honest, they are hit-and-miss.  So in this blog, I will share with you MY top 5 go-to cheap Izakaya that actually taste decent.  

TOP 5 Cheap Izakaya Restaurant in Japan

(These chain Japanese izakayas can be found all throughout Japan, but I filmed all of this in Tokyo Shibuya.  Each Japanese Izakaya's website and the place I filmed are linked below.)

#1 An An Yakinuki

cheap izakaya in japan an an

An An Yakinuki is a chain yakiniku restaurant chain that offers extremely affordable all-you-can-eat only for ¥1750 ($15.51) - ¥3241 ($28.83) ! If you are a big drinker, you can add all-you-can-drink for ¥1240 ($11.03). 

I have to be honest about the meat quality though - it sure is not the best meat in the world but nowhere can beat the cost performance here. If you take quality over quantity, I do not recomend this place but An An will make big meat eaters like me full and happy.

#2 Isomaru Suisan Seafood

isomaru suisan cheap izakaya in japan
cheap izakaya in japan isomaru

Isomaru Suisan Seafood is my seafood go-to. It makes you feel like you are at a fisherman's den. 

Their most popular food at Isomaru Suisan is grilled seafood just like in the picture.  It's really fun to cook your own food.  Unlikely to many chain Izakaya resutarants, I think Isomaru Suisan is delicious and really worth the money.

They do not have all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-drink course but it's not too expensive to begin with so you don't really need to worry about that. 

#3 Torikizoku Yakitori

cheap izakaya torikizoku

I LOVE yakitori and I LOVE Torikizoku!  Torkizoku Yakitori offers affordable yakitori at its best quality. Most of the menu are at ¥298.  They also have all-you-can-eat-and-drink course for only ¥2980 a person for 2 hours. (You must have more than 8 people)  

I usually start with cabbage salad which has free-refill. All yakitori comes with 2 skewers a order. 

cheap izakaya

One thing you might want to remember is that Torikizoku is always crowded with YOUNG people. When you come during the dinner time, there will be a lot of people waiting, (Well, at least ones in Shibuya) so make sure to arrive early. 

#4 Kushikatsu Tanaka

cheap izakaya
cheap izakaya

Kushikatsu Tanaka is a Kushikatsu specialty Izakaya that has a very welcoming and friendly vibe.  It is originally from Osaka where Kushikatsu is from. 

Their all-you-can-drink course is ¥1380. They don't really ask you before ordering or have it on the menu, so ask the staff if you want it. 

OH! One thing you can't do here is to double-dip the kushikatsu in the sauce.  It's like a manner at Osaka style kushikatsu restaurants.

#5 Watami

cheap izakaya watami

Watami is 'all-around' Izakaya, that covers basically everything.  There are other 'all-around' Izakaya options like Kinnokura, Domadoma, and Warawara, but I like Watami the best for its (slightly)nicer interior. Some Watami has private rooms, but I recommend to reserve in advance if you want those rooms. 

Watami charges table charge with お通し(otoshi) which is a small welcome dish.