6 FREE Tour Guide in Tokyo for Budget Travelers | Reliable Volunteer Guides

Are you a budget traveler who do not want to spend a fortune on tour guides? Then, you can use one of the FREE TOUR GUIDE in Tokyo! 

There are many organizations that offer volunteer tour guide service in Tokyo. The volunteer tour guides may not be licensed, speak perfect English, or as experienced as regular tour guides but it is a great alternation. 

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7 FREE Tour Guide in Tokyo for Budget Travelers


tokyo free guide

TOKYO FREE GUIDE offers custom tours upon reservation.  There aren't many organizations that offer custom tours so this is happy news to budget travelers. The organization has been around since 2004 and according to the guides information on their website, the average age of the guides is 52.2, so if you want someone young to take you to trendy and hip places, it may not be for you. 


go tokyo

GO TOKYO is run by Tokyo Convention and Visitors Bureau, one of the most well known organization in Tokyo. (You see the GO TOKYO sign everywhere in Tokyo these days.) In fact their website has full of useful information when traveling Tokyo. Even though you are not interested in using volunteer tour guide, it is worth taking your time to check it out. 

GO TOKYO offers pre-planned tours, NOT CUSTOM TOUR. 13 tour routes covers most of major tourist spots. It may be easy for you if you have no idea where to go. 

tokyo sgg club

SGG, Systematized Goodwill Guide, offers free guided walking tour services in following area.

  • Asakusa

  • Ueno Park

  • The Imperial Palace East Fardens

  • Yanaka Area

Except the Imperial Palace tour, it is 90-minute tour and it's walk-in only, no reservation accepted. If you are one of those who just don't like to plan ahead and make reservations, this may be perfect for you.


tokyo tour guide free

 CAPITAL TOKYO WEST SGG CLUB focus on Western part of Tokyo like Shinjuku and Shibuya. You need to Tour Itinerary can be customized so for those who wants to bring a volunteer in a western Tokyo, this may be your choice. 

Their website does not seem to be so up to date, and does not have much information. When you book a guide, you need to e-mail.


free tokyo tour guide

IF you want to have a friendly student as your tour guide, this is it. To book a tour, you message on their facebook page. You can get an idea of tours by seeing pictures on their site. 


free Tokyo tour guide

TOKYO FREE WALKING TOUR offers 3 pre-planned tours as below.

  • The Imperial Palace East Gardens

  • Asakusa

  • Meiji Shrine and Harajuku

 You don't need to make reservation just like TOKYO SGG CLUB


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