Best 5 OMAKASE Sushi Restaurants UNDER $100 in Tokyo

I love sushi and that is one of the reasons I live in Tokyo.  Although I love sushi so much, I don't want to spend a fortune and end up not being able to eat rest of the week. (I'm sure most of you agree.)

Price at a high-class Omakase sushi restaurant could have no limit and many restaurants don't even have price on the menu.  It's scary, right?  Even thought a lot of them are like that, you can still have a special experience at a high-end Omakase sushi restaurants UNDER $100!  

You won't go wrong with the list I have here for you.

If you are looking for a Omakase Sushi restaurants specificaly in Shibuya, check out TOP 3 Omakase Sushi in Shibuya.

  1. Sushidokoro Yamada - Ginza
  2. Hanabusa - Roppongi
  3. Ebisu Hoshi - Ebisu
  4. Sushi Karaku - Ginza
  5. Isshin - Asakusa

1. Sushidokoro Yamada - Ginza


I can almost say that Yamada offers the best cost performance with the best of the best sushi restaurants in Ginza. They have only one menu - Omakase 15 piece for ¥10,000(about $89). They don't even have a side dish or gari(pickled ginger). Chef Yamada's storytelling starts with sushi and ends with sushi. That's that simple.  Anago is so soft that the chef will hand it to you directly.

Anago is so soft that the chef will hand it to you directly. 

It has 8 counter seats and always filled with reservations so if you want to make sure to get seats, better make a call early. This sushi restaurant opens quite late so sometimes you get lucky when you go after 9pm

Sushidokoro Yamada is known for its rich and soft aged sushi.  Aged sushi for this quality for this price is basically impossible.  Also, shari (rice) here is beyond perfection. Chef Yamada adjusts rice's temperature depending on which fish to go on the top.  

Store Info

7-2-14 Ginza Chuo Tokyo
Closed on Sundays & Holidays

2. Hanabusa - ROPPONGI

sushi omakase tokyo
sushi omakase tokyo

Hanabusa is a traditional Edo-style omakase sushi restaurant where you can enjoy ¥8,000 (about $70) Omakase Sushi.  What a steal!

Owner chef Nakajima have a experience at one of the top traditional Edo-style sushi restaurant, Miyako Sushi Honten.  Its relaxing Japanese interior with a pleasant scent of cypress will welcome you when you enter the restaurant.  There is a private room, but you need to make a reservation with higher courses.

Sushi's price depends on how much work is done before it is served. Chef Nakajima never serves sushi with a simple cut of raw fish. What does he do? Let's say he make the fish at the best to go with shari. 

¥8,000 Omakase Nigiri Course comes with 10 Nigiri Sushi and Tekka maki (Tuna roll). Hanabusa's tekka maki is filled with fat tuna called nakaochi and it is DELICIOUS! 

Store Info

9-1-7 Akasaka Minato Tokyo
Closed on Saturdays

3. Ebisu Hoshi - Ebisu

食べログ ジゲンACE

食べログ ジゲンACE

Hoshi is a stylish Edo-style sushi restaurant. The owner chef has a experience at sushi restaurants in hotels and opened the well-known fancy spot, Ginza Tenkawa before this restaurant.  So here at Hoshi, you can enjoy a well-made sushi at a reasonable price than Ginza Tenkawa. Sushi served by an experienced owner chef, who is in game for 40 years, is just speechless.

One little concern at a sushi restaurant is that you don't eat much vegetables. At Ebisu Hoshi, a healthy balanced meal is completed with colorful seasonal veggies served with sushi

For Dinner, Omakase 'Yuki' is only ¥10,000 (about $89) - 3 appetisers, 10 Nigiri sushi, 1 roll and a soup. Inside of the restaurant, counter and also have private room for 2-5 people. 

Store Info

1F, 25-7, Ebisu1, Shibuya-ku,Tokyo
Opens everyday

4. Sushi Karaku - Ginza

Karaku is located just a corner of Dior.  Yes, it's that kind of street.  When you hear 'Ginza', yo would think of up-tight sushi restaurants but this one seems a bit more friendly than the stereotypes. 

Sushi Karaku has actually been quite famous for its lunch kaisen bowl for its cost performance but it got popular among foodies for dinner because... it's just great deal! Omakase Nigiri course is ¥8,400 (about $75) which comes with 13 nigiri. 

After a training at Kanata, the owner chef opened up Karaku and it has been popular since then.  He believes in the traditional Edo-style which takes time and effort to prepare the fish before it's served.  He even supervises TV shows and magazines. 

Store Info

B1 5-6-16 Ginza Chuo-ku, Tokyo
[Mon-Fri]12:00-14:00/17:30-22:00 [Sat]12:00-15:00/17:30-21:00
Closed on Sundays and Holidays

5. Isshin - Asakusa

Michelin star winning restaurant, Isshin is located in the back area of Senso-ji, Asakusa.  Nostalgic entrance of Isshin just melts your heart.  Customer service is very welcoming and friendly so it's easy to go into for tourists.

sushi omakase tokyo

Omakase course starts from ¥6,000 with 10 pieces.  According to the owner chef, the softness of shari (rice) is adjusted depending on how customers eat - with chopsticks or by hand. Yes, it is completely okay to eat sushi by hand. 

Around the time of summer, Abalones are in season. You can have it for appatizer dish or Nigiri sushi. 

Store Info

4-11-3 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
Closed on Sundays, Holidays Mid-August


I hope you get to try them out when you are in Tokyo. Let me know if you know other great spot to go to.