8 Things You Should know about Tsukiji Fish Market - Read Before You Go

If you are visiting Tokyo and Tsukiji Fish Market is on your list, you probably want to read this.  When I visited the market for the very first time, I was surprised how different it was from my expectations. This blog will make sure you will be ready for Tsukiji visit!

5. There are a lot more than seafood in Tsukiji Fish Market



It is a 'FISH' market but locals visit Tsukiji not only for seafood but also for all the other good stuff.  For example, Nunotsune Sarashina is known for its flavorful soba noodles and tempura and Kitsuneya is loved by locals and workers for its melting beef gut stew.  

6. Wednesday and Sundays could be closed

Again, Tsukiji Fish Market is not originally made for tourists so it does close at least twice a week. Wednesdays, Sundays and Holidays are usually closed, but it could differ every year so make sure to check their business calendar. 

Although almost all of the stores in the Inside Market are closed on those days, some of the stores in Outside Market are open.  

7. Be cautious with trucks or you will be ran over

things you should know about tsukiji fish market

Workers in Tsukiji Fish Market are busy carrying products on those little trucks.  They drive those things quite fast and they don't care about tourists.  If you don't watch out, you might get hurt.  Be careful!

8. Many stores close in the morning in the inside market

Since Tsukiji Fish Market is open before dawn, many stores close even before noon.  If you are going to a certain stores, you might want to research their business hour in advance. 

We visited Tsukiji Fish Market around 1pm the other day and no stores were open in Inside Market. 


Keep these things in mind when you visit Tsukiji Fish Market.  Be safe and have fun!